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Optigan at the Drive In movies?!?

Posted by peahix on May 15th, 1999

A few months ago I got this email:

I’ve had a lot of fun looking at your Optigan sites (killing two birds with one email stone here), especially finding out I own albums on which it was used. But, what led me to your pages? Well, it wasn’t Devo or Mike Penn… I remember the Optigan from the DRIVE-IN…

I grew up across the street from a drive-in, and every night between features ran this cheeeese-ass music over the usual assortment of unappetizing food and Americana clips. But, the REAL strange thing was the sort of HAL-like electronic visuals that accompanied some of the music — blinking red lights over an oscilloscope-type line that looked like it was trying to keep in synch with the music. I never could figure out why someone thought movie-goers would actually want to watch at that blinking nonsense.

Anyways, if this has sparked any interest, I’ve temporarily posted about a minute of the Optigan from its drive-in days at:

(875K Quicktime movie… Quicktime 3 plug-in required)

Good luck with your web page revisions.

-Shaven Dave

So I checked out the little quicktime movie and it was AMAZING! Unfortunately, subsequent attempts to contact “Shaven Dave” met with no response… and last time I checked his website is down now too. Luckily I downloaded and saved his little movie. I asked for his permission to post it to the website here, but again- I got no response. So I’m posting it anyway. Shaven Dave, if you’re out there, drop us a line!!

5/99-*UPDATE!*Well we finally tracked down Shaven Dave, and he got us in touch with Tim Reed, the genius behind the documentary “Revenge Of the Intermission Clocks” which includes the Optigan Clock from which this original excerpt came from (the actual clock is 8 minutes long and even more amazing!!!). Tim gave us permission to post the excerpt we have here for your viewing enjoyment. At long last we can finally give full credit to Dave (AKA Shaven) Rouleau and Tim Reed. So here we go: Click here to see an excerpt from the Opti Drive-in Movie.

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