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OY cover The Human League

Posted by peahix on February 24th, 2000

OK, so even though Rob hates The Human League, Pea roped OY into contributing a track to an upcoming HL tribute album on March Records called “Reproductions.” (Dedicated OY fans will note that a few years ago we contributed a track to an OMD tribute album, even though Rob hates that band too!) Pea’s a big fan of EARLY Human League (aka Human League Mach I), before those annoying girls joined the group, etc. This early incarnation of the group featured Martyn Ware and Ian Craig Marsh, who later split to form Heaven 17 (overall a much better band than Human League!) We chose a song off their very first album called “Empire State Human.” It’s a great example of early synthpop from around 1978 or so. In order to achieve a Giorgio Moroder-ish sound, Pea used sampled loops from the Optigan, Talentmaker and Orchestron to assemble the arrangement on his computer. He also threw in sound spacey sound from an Atari 2600 for good measure. As soon as we find out the release date for this album, we’ll post the info here.

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