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OY to appear on Powerpuff Girls compilation CD

Posted by peahix on February 24th, 2000

Fans of Cartoon Network’s “Powerpuff Girls” take note: there’s a new CD of “songs inspired by the Powerpuff Girls” being released on Kid Rhino Records, and Optiganally Yours was asked to contribute a song! Craig McCracken, the show’s creator, is a big Optiganally Yours fan, and when asked to submit his “wish list” for the album, apparently OY was one of his top choices! Other artists appearing on the album include Devo, David Byrne, Shonen Knife, Olivia Tremor Control, etc. The album is being produced by Devo’s Mark Mothersbaugh. Each band was asked to write a song about a specific character from the series. OY got picked to cover the Mayor of Townsville. We’re pretty close to finishing the track, called “Walk & Chew Gum.” We’ll have more info here when we find out the final lineup and release date of the CD.

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