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OY new album released

Posted by peahix on April 15th, 2000

Absolutely Kosher Records (street date 04/25/00) Vroom Sound Records Japan (street date 04/15/00) Well, it’s been a long time coming, but the much-anticipated sophomore effort from Optiganally Yours is finally being released! But there’s a little catch- there’s NO Optigan on the new album!! Now that we’ve got your attention, you can relax a little, because the concept for this album was simply to use Optigan’s cousins- The Chilton Talentmaker and Vako Orchestron- as the primary backbone of the arrangements. In fact, the Talentmaker we used on this album is the same exact machine used on the most recent Fiona Apple album, “When The Pawn…” This Talentmaker is now owned by Jon Brion (Apple’s producer) but at the time we recorded the Talentmaker parts for the new album, we borrowed the machine from Brian Kehew, who was the one who found it (in the back of an old record store in San Bernardino) in the first place. In any event, “ExTalent” is being released on two different labels simultaneously. Absolutely Kosher is an American label, and their distribution will cover America and Europe. Vroom Sound (a division of Vivid Sound) is a Japanese label, and their distribution will cover Asian territories. Each version of the album contains one song unique to that version. The AK version has “Song For America,” and the VS version has “Song For Japan.” For more info on this album, go to the Optiganally Yours page.

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