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Archive for September, 2000

OY to appear on Shaggs tribute

Posted by peahix on 30th September 2000

OY has recorded a version of The Shaggs’ “You’re Something Special To Me” to appear on an upcoming Shaggs tribute CD on Animal World Recordings.

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Marilyn Manson at the Optigan

Posted by peahix on 27th September 2000

Apparently Marilyn Manson is using an Optigan on his upcoming album. I’m not sure if this is entirely correct, but from what I understand he’s using it in the context of some kind of musical numerology experiment (?!). At any rate, I guess we won’t really know what’s going on until the album is released. [...]

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“Beebo” on The Powerpuff Girls

Posted by peahix on 20th September 2000

Keep on the lookout for a Powerpuff Girls episode called “Pet Feud,” which features a character named “Beebo,” after the Optiganally Yours song of the same title! Here’s a coupla pics of beebo…. one when he’s little, and one after he grew into a big monster….

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