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OY Remix EP to be released on VroomSound

Posted by peahix on October 5th, 2000

“Optiganally Yours: De-Composed” is an EP of remixes of OY songs that will be released soon on the Japan’s VroomSound label. The idea was to get remixes from both American and Japanese artists, who were all at liberty to choose any song from the OY catalog to work with. The lineup is as follows:

  • Lesser “Ether”
  • Brian Kehew (of Moog Cookbook) “Oar”
  • Lisa Bielawa (of The Philip Glass Ensemble) “Figaro”
  • Plus-Tech Squeeze Box “Mr. Wilson”
  • Fab Cushion “Held”
  • Vagabond Cinema Pops Arkestra “Remo”

PLUS if they can get it done in time, the Dust Brothers have also agreed to contribute a remix. If not, we’ll probably see their remix on a later OY release.

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