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Archive for November, 2000

Kahimi Karie SPIN! Remix CD released

Posted by peahix on 21st November 2000

Optiganally Yours remixed a song called “Pygmalism” by Japanese alt-pop star Kahimi Karie (the original song was written and produced by Momus). The track is included on a CD called “SPIN!” that is part of a larger overall product called “K.K. Limited Edition 2000,” which is basically a KK tote bag filled with 2 CDs, [...]

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Optigan: a Sound Investment???

Posted by peahix on 14th November 2000

So I was watching CNBC the other day, and a commercial for Robertson Stevens Investment Bankers came on… It was, of course, a typical mutual fund commercial, except for the fact that the background music was entirely Optigan- the Guitar In 3/4 disc, to be exact!

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