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Kahimi Karie SPIN! Remix CD released

Posted by peahix on November 21st, 2000

Optiganally Yours remixed a song called “Pygmalism” by Japanese alt-pop star Kahimi Karie (the original song was written and produced by Momus). The track is included on a CD called “SPIN!” that is part of a larger overall product called “K.K. Limited Edition 2000,” which is basically a KK tote bag filled with 2 CDs, a live video, a t-shirt, pinback buttons and some photos. It’s a pretty impressive package! I’m not sure how many are being produced, but I think it’s safe to say that most KK or OY fans won’t have a chance to own one. If you want to hear the remix, it’ll probably turn up on Napster before too long!! Anyway, the CD also features remixes by DJ Spooky, Sean O’Hagan, and others. The package is available on the Polydor K.K. label.

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