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How many different models are there?

Posted by peahix on April 23rd, 2006

In the USA, there were six different versions of the Optigan. Essentially they were the same machine, the cabinet design being the primary variant. There was also a variation that only appeared in Europe. For pictures of the different types, go to this page.

  • 34001 Early monophonic model, with reverb. Not very many of these were produced
  • 35001 Standard stereophonic model, with reverb.
  • 35002 Standard stereophonic model, without reverb.
  • 35011 Real wood, “Contemporary” model, with reverb.
  • 35012 Ornate “Mediterranean” model, with reverb.
  • 37003 Special Montgomery Wards Edition: real wood, without reverb.

One Response to “How many different models are there?”

  1. John Says:

    i jsut found a model similar to the one in the television commercial the optical metronome doesnt seem to be under or on the optigan sign but next to the tempo thing strange but saw it at a goodwill wonder if i should get it? i would love to turn it into a midi
    any update on the midi optigan or the instructions for making a midi optigan?

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