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Optigan schematics

Posted by peahix on April 22nd, 2006

yes its true, a service manual *still* exists

You can also purchase a pdf of the entire Optigan service manual on our Shoptigan page.

8 Responses to “Optigan schematics”

  1. Sydney Beck Says:

    Would it be possible to make the 35002 schematics in pdf format? I can’t view the tif. I am trying to learn about this Optigan I took from my mother to restore. Thank you for anything you can tell me or assist me with. Sydney

  2. peahix Says:

    hi sydney, if you do a google search for “tif reader,” you should find plenty of options.

  3. Sydney Beck Says:

    Thank you…I will try that. I appreciate your help.

  4. Sydney Beck Says:

    I tried the Tif downloader but when you click on the link in your website for the 35002 schematics and error pops up and says “not found”. But I will keep trying. I got sound out of the Optigan now but it is filthy dirty and several keys stick. Also, can you order from your site? I couldn’t find any way to order things. Thanks, Sydney

  5. that teenager Says:

    Awsome. I can not find actual Optigans where I live, but now I can build my own! First I need to finish my tonge drum project though. The prices for the actual ones are through the roof, especially for a 15 year old.

  6. Lukas Says:

    Hi Guys, I just acquired a 35002! The link the schematics/service manual seems to be broken. Any chance you could fix the bug or send me a copy through email? Thanks,


  7. Mel Says:

    I’m having the same problem as Lukas. I have a 35002 I’d like to sell but some of the console controls at left don’t work. I think it just needs a good cleaning. I’d be happy to pay for a 35002 service manual.

  8. Ongo Says:

    Hello Optigan fan’s , had bought a faulty Optigan last week (35001 european version ) . Found two broken Motorola transistors in the keyboard amp , SJE942-2 (pnp) and SJE941-2 (npn) , but can’t find any info for this tr.
    Not in my data books and even not at the net .
    Have anyone any info due this transistors , maybe a cross type ?
    Many thanks for your help


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