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Prototype Optigans from a Parallel Universe!!!

Posted by peahix on April 23rd, 2006

When Miner industries acquired the Optigan, one of the first things they started to do was to try to improve it, both technically and cosmetically. While their efforts in technical improvement largely led to the development of the Orchestron, their attempts at re-designing the Optigan cabinet had somewhat less impact. Here’s a small photo gallery of shots from the 1974 Consumer Electronics Show in Chicago. I, personally, would KILL to own that "Grand Piano Lounge Bar" Optigan!

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  1. Optigan » Blog Archive » Are there any rare prototype Optigans still out there? Says:

    [...] but he has a feeling that one or two might possibly still exist somewhere. There were also several prototype cabinet designs produced and exhibited by Opsonar, but as far as we know these were one-of-a-kind protos and are [...]

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