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Some of the keys on my Optigan don’t work. How do I fix this?

Posted by peahix on April 23rd, 2006

Often this problem can be cleared up by pressing the keys quickly and repeatedly. If this doesn’t work, you might try getting inside the thing and cleaning any gunk that may have gotten in between the rubber contact strip and the metal contact plates. I’ve also had good luck by simply turning the rubber strip over. It’s a bit difficult to remove and replace the strip, but I’ve done it successfully several times. In extreme cases, the rubber strip may need to be replaced, though I have yet to find a source for an exact match for these strips.

3 Responses to “Some of the keys on my Optigan don’t work. How do I fix this?”

  1. pspees Says:

    Is this contact strip some kind of conductive rubber? I cleaned mine and I think it killed the continuity of the strip. None of the keys would play, like maybe it had a conductive coating? I ended up removing it. It works great now but clicks when keys are played but I’d like to get it back in there. Thanks!

  2. Franky Says:

    I’m having trouble with the keyboard section of my optigan as well. The first ten keys play perfectly but from the eleventh onward it sounds like there’s a cacophony of other notes in the background. I’ve noticed that the key it starts on is the first key of the second couplate resistor. Maybe the final two couplate resistors have gone bad?
    Thanks for the help!

  3. Derek Says:

    I thought I had submitted this question, but it appears it wasn’t posted. My Optigan works well for the most part with the exception of the G# keys. The lowest G# is at full volume like the other keys. the middle G# key is about half the volume, and the highest G# has no volume. All other keys work fine. A co-worker of mine, who builds pedals, thinks it may be related to one of the resistor couplates. I wanted to ask here to see if this may be a possible cause, or if anyone has seen this problem before.

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