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What are some of the more advanced techniques of Optigan playing?

Posted by peahix on April 23rd, 2006

Gimmicky techniques such as upside-down and multiple discs are obvious, and hence pretty boring. As far as disc manipulation goes, I like to take two copies of the same disc and tape them together back-to-back so that the beats line up perfectly. This way you get some cool reverse echo effects on the drums. As far as actual performance goes, I often combine chord buttons to get a wider range of harmonic possibilites. Results vary depending on which disc you’re using, but generally you can get major 7th chords by holding Bb & Dm, F and Am or C and Em.

One Response to “What are some of the more advanced techniques of Optigan playing?”

  1. Steve Clay Says:

    Those are sixths…
    6ths: Bb + Gm, F + Dm, etc.
    M7ths: Bb + Dm, F + Am, etc.
    m9ths: Bbm + Fm, Fm + Cm, etc.
    11ths: A + G, C + Bb, E + D, G + F
    Those would work… I don’t have an optigan :(

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