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Where do I get a replacement bulb for my Optigan?

Posted by peahix on April 23rd, 2006

The bulb you want is a GE Lighting 48707 40T10/RVLCD1 Tubular Bulb. For those who want to know more about this bulb, here’s the tech specs.

2 Responses to “Where do I get a replacement bulb for my Optigan?”

  1. PJ Peeters Says:

    Dear Pea,

    Thanks, but this is only the answer/solution for the American (120 Volt) Optigans.
    Do you also know where to get replacement bulbs for the European (model 35011) Optigans, which are working on 230 Volt?

    I understand the original European tubular bulbs are not available in Europe anymore.


    PJ Peeters

  2. Paulo Pereira Says:


    Just got a European 35011 model. Used a Multimeter to check the voltage at the socket, and it’s 110v. So I think this lamp will be just fine!

    Kind regards,

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