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Robert’s Tips for Teens #2: Silver Highlights on Optigan Logo

Posted by peahix on October 10th, 2008

Robert sez:

I went to Michael’s Craft and Floral to see if they had stuff to replace the silver highlights on the Optigan metronome logo I got from you. After looking at all the silver leaf options, I asked a couple of store employees what would work best. We narrowed it down to “Rub-N-Buff” and a Krylon silver leafing pen. After some experimentation, the silver leafing pen was astonishingly good. My worries about it being dull like a silver colored Sharpie evaporated when I applied it to the raised portion of the logo, and the sliver looked as bright as a freshly chromed bumper.

When I got home I spent about five minutes carefully applying the leafing. I fixed small flubs with the tip of an Xacto blade dipped in rubbing alcohol. I’m amazed at the results; looks just like new!

This one could use new silver leafing!!

This one could use new silver leafing!!

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