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New Optigan Diagnostic Test Disc Samples

Posted by peahix on November 1st, 2008

Hi all-

Robert had a couple of Optigan diagnostic test discs made:

These discs have various test tones, sweeps, etc on them, as well as some sound files taken directly from the “Rock & Rhythm” master tapes. They are identical except that one is at 8000dpi and the other is at 4000dpi. The 4000dpi discs are a bit cheaper to make, so we’re trying to find out if the savings is worth the difference in quality.

Below are three sound samples from “Rock & Rhythm.” One of them is from an original vintage “Rock & Rhythm” disc, one is from the newly remastered 8000dpi disc, and one from the 4000dpi disc. If you could, please listen to each sample and rank them from best to worst sounding. Also, feel free to try to guess which one is which by leaving a comment.

Rock & Rhythm Sample 1

Rock & Rhythm Sample 2

Rock & Rhythm Sample 3

Incidentally, these were recorded from the Optigan headphone jack, which is generally not the best way to record an optigan, so they may sound a bit more distorted than if the speaker had been miked.

One Response to “New Optigan Diagnostic Test Disc Samples”

  1. Raymond Ogilvie Says:

    I’m making my way through the blog, so why not vote on some long irrelevant issues, let’s? #2 is the least of the bunch; gotta be the vintage disc. It’s missing too much top end. 1 and 3 must be the new discs, but which is which? I really don’t hear a difference in resolution.

    (Listening equipment: Sennheiser HD 595 phones, HeadRoom BitHead amplifier)

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