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Radioaktivox Now Shipping!

Posted by peahix on December 21st, 2008

We’re pleased to announce that the initial run of our new Optigan disc – Radioaktivox – is now shipping!

We’ve done an initial run of 25 copies, of which we’re keeping two, and ten have already been pre-ordered. So that means that as of this writing there are 13 copies left for sale. If there’s sufficient demand to do an additional run of 25 (the minimum number we can order), then we will, but that remains to be seen, so if you want a copy of the disc, you’d best order it now!

We were able to drop the price slightly from $99.99 to $92.99 (plus shipping/handling), so those who pre-ordered the disc will get a $7.00 refund via paypal. Please visit Shoptigan to order your copy!

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