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More Praise for Radioaktivox

Posted by peahix on January 20th, 2009

Brian Coombes has this to say:

The Radioaktivox disc arrived yesterday. Wow! It sounds great. Nice work. Looking forward to many more discs (both reissues and new creations) from you guys.

Thanks, Brian! He also sends this info:

Just thought I’d share some of our recent Optigan work with you. This is a record I produced for a very talented kid from New Hampshire. The disc is becoming something of an underground sensation. His influences are all over the place, from Dylan, the Band, and Wilco to the Beatles, TRex, and Pink Floyd.

Check out Techno & Gingerale for the Big Band Optigan loop. We brought it into Pro Tools, stretched it to tempo, and made a few necessary pitch shifts (if I remember correctly) to provide for chords not present on the Optigan. The other keyboard textures are courtesy of the Optigan’s Big Band organ, mellotron (strings and choir), theremin, Taurus pedals, and Hammond. While it’s probably not the most innovative use of an Optigan loop, I’m quite proud of the tune.

Another cool tune is “Can’t Victoria.” No Optigan, but a backwards guitar solo and backing vocals through the Leslie.

You can listen to the album here

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