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Archive for June, 2009

Orchestron SOLO FRENCH HORN Disc – now taking pre-orders!

Posted by peahix on 29th June 2009

Hi all, we’re now taking pre-orders for our Orchestron Solo French Horn disc. Click here for more info, and to place your order!

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Radioaktivox Requests?

Posted by peahix on 19th June 2009

hi all- we’ve had a handful of requests for copies of radioaktivox since it sold out, and we’d love to do another run of them if there’s sufficient overall demand. otherwise, we simply can’t afford the production expense. so let us know if you’d buy a copy if we did another run!!

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Working on O.Y. In Hi-Fi

Posted by peahix on 12th June 2009

just in case anyone’s still paying attention, rob and i actually are making progress on the next optiganally yours album.

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Optigan LED Disc Simulation Thingy

Posted by peahix on 9th June 2009

This is a quickie video I shot to demo the modulated LED thingy that Robert built so I can monitor sounds directly from my computer thru a real Optigan’s signal path.

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