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Working on O.Y. In Hi-Fi

Posted by peahix on June 12th, 2009

just in case anyone’s still paying attention, rob and i actually are making progress on the next optiganally yours album. we’ve kind of set aside june/july for OY work, including the tour in the last half of july. we’ve taken all the unfinished material we’ve been hoarding, have been picking thru the most promising bits, and have started totally from scratch, even so far as going back to the original optigan master reels (the source of most of the sounds for the album) and doing fresh transfers at 24/96 with much higher quality A/D conversion than i had access to when i first transferred the tapes over 10 years ago.

anyway, here’s a few titles of songs that will definitely make the cut, some of which are working titles:

open your eyes
night shop
pirates & monkeys
bionic whale
too close to the sun

you can see live versions of a few of those songs on youtube, from our japanese tour 4 years ago.

we have about 20 additional sketches in various states of completion, out of which we should be able to carve out 6-8 more songs that should pass muster.

no details yet on when the album will be released, but we really are making a push to get the tracking done before we go on tour. then we’ll mix hopefully later in the summer. it typically takes ~6 months from an album’s completion to its release, so figure on 2010 at the very earliest for it to drop. again- no promises! but we really do want to just get the damn thing done this time!!


5 Responses to “Working on O.Y. In Hi-Fi”

  1. jediroller Says:

    This is my most anticipated record of 2008, 2009, and now 2010. Glad to hear work is in progress. Thanks for the update!

  2. Isabel Says:

    Yes, yes we are still paying attention.

  3. DmR of AtoZ Says:

    it’s true !
    and even a few months later, we’re still hittin’ Google to see what news we can find . . . such as this here !

    Yay !

  4. PJ Says:


    I have just seen your youtube video “Bionic Whale” and I’m very impressed…



  5. Stephen Moyers Says:

    Rob mentioned on the quietus article that the album is done and awaiting release. Please please please release this soon. This is my most anticipated album ever at this point!

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