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Where were we in 1981?

Posted by peahix on December 3rd, 2009

While perusing the Feb. 1981 issue of Keyboard Magazine, I came across this letter to the editor:

Keyboard Magazine Letter to Editor re: Orchestron

5 Responses to “Where were we in 1981?”

  1. Gigacake Says:

    That’s why we’re thankful for guys like you who have plenty of resources and other fun stuff for terminal Optigan/Orchestron addicts like us…

  2. Tony Says:

    When’s the next disc coming out? Loved the Minimalism disc, too bad it didnt feature Tara in a bathing suit on the cover :(

  3. peahix Says:

    Hi Tony, Robert and I will be meeting in January to chart out our disc release schedule for 2010. We’ve got some good ideas in the works for both Optigan and Orchestron, so stay tuned!

  4. Tom Maguire Says:

    In 1981 I was Chief of Maintenance at Counterpoint Recording Studios, 723 7th AV @ 48th ST NYC. Also fixing (Inner Landscapes) Michael Pollack’s Orchestron!

  5. Brandon Says:

    Where was I in 1981? Not even born yet!

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