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G-Force Software releases Opti-Tron

Posted by peahix on February 24th, 2010

G-Force software have released an Optigan virtual instrument of sorts called the Opti-Tron. Clicking on the link takes you directly to their site, where you can read about what it does. In a nutshell, they’ve sampled a bunch of Optigan discs and processed the loops to all lock together, allowing for free mixing and matching of loops from across a variety of Optigan discs. You can also manipulate the loops in other ways not possible on a real Optigan.

An inevitable question is- which Optigan sample set is better, G-Force’s or’s? The answer depends on what the end user needs and values. Our sample set is meant to be purist and comprehensive, so it includes ALL of the known original Optigan/Orchestron/Talentmaker loops, presented in a straightforward, minimally processed fashion. This obviously allows for great flexibility so that the end user can import and manipulate the samples using whatever software s/he desires. The G-Force product is more of a closed system, though probably capable of much more immediate gratification and tempo-integration into a project. In other words, it works much more readily as a plug-in instrument. I haven’t tried it out yet myself, but it looks to be a quick and easy way to experiment with Optigan sounds.

8 Responses to “G-Force Software releases Opti-Tron”

  1. Tony Says:

    there is a sound for every key flats/sharps major & minor

  2. Lance Says:

    A Shure Beta 57 on the right speaker, a Shure Beta 58 on the left, and a condenser mic for room sound, running Garageband, is what I use with my Optigan. Color me a purist.

    G-Force has found a way to tap into both existing & new customers who cannot find an actual Optigan w/ this application to boost sales of their recording software.

  3. peahix Says:

    right, but keep in mind that they did this by digitally pitch-shifting the standard optigan chords.

  4. Tony Says:

    At least the sh*t is in tune with g-force. Less of a headache, than trying to do that with the real deal using the tempo knob to fine tune…

  5. Tony Says:

    Still waiting for Pea & Korg to come up with the Digital Optigan!

  6. Jeff Says:

    Cool comment about Pea on the G-Force site.

    “More info on the original Optigan can be found at Pea Hick’s excellent website
    Pea is undoubtedly the world’s foremost authority on the Optigan and has probably forgotten more than we’ll ever know about the instrument and its history.”

    There’s also a funny story about Tom Waits and the Optigan on the Inside Info section.

  7. peahix Says:

    yeah, years ago dave from g-force and i had a conversation about doing a virtual optigan, but nothing came of it. also, i remember tchad blake telling me that same story about tom waits and optigan, but i’d totally forgotten it!

  8. Tony Says:

    pea why dont you approach korg. they made the new korg sv-1 where they took vintage sounds like the wulitzer electric piano, fender rhodes, farfisa, vox continental and put it into one machine without worries of trademark infringments.

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