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Archive for June, 2010

2010 Optigan Sitar / Tabla Disc – Teaser

Posted by peahix on 29th June 2010

Here’s a little teaser for the soon to be released Optigan Sitar & Tabla disc (official title tbd). This is some footage from the recording session featuring Rama Douglas on sitar and Justin DeHart on tabla. The keyboard will feature a variety of different sitar riffs (and possibly some harmonium notes on part of the [...]

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Rob Burger: playing Orchestron with Laurie Anderson

Posted by peahix on 22nd June 2010

Rob Burger is a New York based composer and multi-instrumentalist. As a session player for many well-known artists, Rob regularly employs a variety of oddball instruments, including a Vako Orchestron. Recently, Rob has featured his Orchestron prominently on stage and in the studio with Laurie Anderson, and the Orchestron gets credited in the liner notes [...]

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Pair of pricey Talentmaker discs on eBay

Posted by peahix on 20th June 2010

There’s currently a pair of very pricey Talentmaker discs on eBay. Please note that the seller claims these discs to be playable in an Optigan, but this is only partly true. Yes, TM discs will work in an Optigan, but the center hole size is slightly different, and the TM’s extra chords means that none [...]

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Optigan Cake for Pea’s Birthday

Posted by peahix on 18th June 2010

My good friend Amy made this bitchin’ Optigan logo cake (well, with my name instead of “Optigan”) for my birthday yesterday! Thanks Amy! Still can’t bring myself to cut it up!

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Optigan on new Crash Test Dummies CD

Posted by peahix on 11th June 2010

The Crash Test Dummies have made extensive use of the Optigan on their new album “Ooh La La.” Click on the links for more information.

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Optigan Sitar Disc – your input is needed!

Posted by peahix on 9th June 2010

Hi all So, the original Optigan owner’s manual names many instruments on its cover that are allegedly playable on the Optigan. Included in this list is SITAR, though no Optigan disc ever actually featured sitar, and indeed there are no recordings of sitar on the Optigan master tapes. Well, we intend to make good on [...]

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New 2010 Optigan Disc – SURF ROCK!

Posted by peahix on 1st June 2010 Now available for pre-order is our brand new Optigan disc: SURF ROCK! When we’ve reached 15 pre-orders, we’ll go to press with the limited run of 25 discs. Surf’s up! It’s time to wax the board and catch a wave! is proud to present Surf Rock, featuring the vintage sounds of the [...]

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