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New Orchestron Discs – User Comments

Posted by peahix on August 6th, 2010

Our latest batch of new Orchestron discs are nearly sold out, and I’m starting to get comments rolling in from folks who’ve bought them. The first is from Adam Swalberg, who writes:

Got the discs yesterday and they are amazing. They are all incredible, but that String Ensemble blew me away. The low end on that disc is stunning. The video clips didn’t quite do it justice. I ran it through a Leslie yesterday and it was one on the most beautiful sounds I’ve heard in a long time. I was hard pressed believing it wasn’t coming from a Mellotron. I even A/B’d it to my string mix on my Mellotron. It’s that good. Thanks so much. And by the way the Piano one is such a beautiful haunting sound. I can’t wait the start tracking them. Just wanted to say what your doing is incredible, keep up the great work!

Ben Borowiak writes:

I love my remastered Orchestron discs. Compared to the original sound discs, these remastered sounds sit better in mixes and there is significantly less bleed, if any, from other voice tracks. I find the new sound discs give me more excuses to play my Orchestron and sneak parts into songs. These discs are living samples, i have never dealt with a sound set this unique. When I put a disc into my Orchestron, there is a physical connection with the samples, it is not like loading sounds in a sampler It is like playing Vinyl records and playing tracks on a computer, they are two different experiences.

My band, Spitting Nickels, is just starting to experiment with my exotic keyboards. I will keep the site updated for our next release which will certainly include some parts from the orchestron (including a track we are currently working on). I joined the band on keyboards last year, just some workin’ bros who also work on writing tunes. We sound like a cross between Spencer Davis and Charlatans UK.

3 Responses to “New Orchestron Discs – User Comments”

  1. Tony Says:

    what about us Optigan people can we get a copy of it….

  2. araybee Says:

    Hi Tony,

    This is Robert, the guy that helps Pea with the discs.

    Pea and I have discussed doing a String Ensemble disc, and it’s something that I’d want to have in my Optigan disc library. One idea is to use String Ensemble sounds for the keys, and maybe the Orchestron violin and cello for the chords and effects. Right now there are a couple of other Optigan discs in the queue that we want to finish up first.


  3. Dain Says:

    i totally vote for the string ensemble optigan disc! and i love the idea of having the chord buttons be non-rythmic too. are the next optigan runs going to be multiples too or one at a time?

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