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Optigan story at BBC

Posted by peahix on August 23rd, 2010

The BBC aired a piece about the Optigan today, and also published a related article. They were supposed to interview me about it as well, but never got back to me. I guess my website didn’t warrant a mention either. Oh well, typical! Love the insane crosstalk when Dave plays the “Hear & Now” disc.

2 Responses to “Optigan story at BBC”

  1. James Lewin Says:

    Reporter FAIL!

    Sorry that they blew it on connecting with you, but thanks for sharing the link. It’s one of the higher profile reports I’ve seen on the “Optigan synthesizer”.

  2. Tony Says:

    It’s obvious why they didnt mention or pea hix, the story was “purposely submitted” by the Crash Test Dummy to promote his new album.

    I love how they had to mention “album comes out August 22″.

    Paid advertisement for the new album by publicists in the CTD camp.

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