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Archive for November, 2010

Shoptigan Back Online

Posted by peahix on 22nd November 2010

Hi all, OK we had to rebuild Shoptigan from the ground up using a new webstore plugin, so we’re back online now. I haven’t put all the products up yet, but will be getting to the rest of them (ie parts, out-of-print discs, etc) this week. I’ll also need to go edit the product links [...]

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Optigan Musique Concrete Disc – Shelved for now

Posted by peahix on 16th November 2010

Hi all, thanks to those who submitted loops to the Optigan Musique Concrete disc! Just wanted to let everyone know where things are with this project. When we first had the idea to do this disc, our intention and expectation was that we’d get lots of submissions, maybe in hopes of having each of the [...]

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Original Optigan Service Manual on eBay

Posted by peahix on 11th November 2010

Hi all, a friend of mine is selling an original copy of the Optigan Service manual on eBay. This is the same manual I sell as a download on this site, though I can’t link you to mine until Shoptigan is back up and running!

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Shoptigan Down Temporarily

Posted by peahix on 10th November 2010

Hi folks, Shoptigan recently got hacked and is now down temporarily whilst we research a more secure webstore solution. In the meantime, if there’s something that you’d like to order from us, just send an email and I’ll let you know how to pay directly via paypal. Thanks for your patience and understanding!! Update 11/22/10: [...]

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