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Optigan Musique Concrete Disc – Shelved for now

Posted by peahix on November 16th, 2010

Hi all, thanks to those who submitted loops to the Optigan Musique Concrete disc! Just wanted to let everyone know where things are with this project.

When we first had the idea to do this disc, our intention and expectation was that we’d get lots of submissions, maybe in hopes of having each of the 57 loops on the disc be created by a unique person. Unfortunately, despite the lengthy submission period, we only received a handful of loops from a handful of people. We debated whether we should go ahead with the submissions that we liked and fill out the rest of the disc with our own content, but in the end we agreed that this scenario didn’t interest us as much as the fully collaborative idea that we originally put forth.

So, for now anyway, this disc concept will be shelved. We very much appreciate the contributions, and apologize if this is a let down. We may revive this project in the future if the situation seems right.

Thanks again for your efforts and enthusiasm!!

7 Responses to “Optigan Musique Concrete Disc – Shelved for now”

  1. Tony Says:

    make an optigan saxophone disc instead.

  2. Tony Says:

    what about a techno lady gaga type or hip hop wu-tang/beastie boys type disc

  3. peahix Says:

    well, there already is an optigan saxophone disc- it’s called “big band beat.”

  4. Tony Says:

    reggae disc??

  5. Raymond Ogilvie Says:

    I know I arrived far too late, but ever since I found out about this project, I’ve been creating 2-second loops. When it starts up again, I’ll be ready.

  6. beachwolf Says:

    How about a Guitarscape/Frippertronics disc? Or a percussion composer disc?

  7. peahix Says:

    yeah, we’ve been thinking about both of those types of ideas.

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