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Vintage Prototype Optigan MOD ROCK Disc Appears on eBay

Posted by peahix on February 18th, 2011

I don’t often scan eBay for Optigan stuff, but from time to time someone tips me off about an interesting item. Here’s a completed auction for an original vintage Mod Rock disc, which was never released to the public, and only existed in prototype form (albeit with an official Optigan label). I have two copies of this disc myself- actually, one rev. C as per the eBay copy, and one rev. B which does not have label art, but a paper label affixed. My assumption has been that my copies were likely the only ones in existence, but I’m always happy to be proven wrong! Whoever managed to buy-it-now for $40 got a great score!  It certainly makes me wonder how many additional copies are lurking out there, along with any other similar prototype titles.

Anyway, for those who missed out on this, we may be doing another limited run of our remastered version of this disc in the future. Or, you can always get our sample set, which includes samples of the original vintage Mod Rock disc.

One Response to “Vintage Prototype Optigan MOD ROCK Disc Appears on eBay”

  1. Tony Says:

    Lucky buyer, stupid seller…. Wonder if he has any one of a kind Van Gogh’s up for sale with a $40 buy it now…. :)

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