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Optigan TRIPLE HEADER – Radioaktivox / Mod Rock / Minimalism

Posted by peahix on March 21st, 2011

Now available for pre-order!

In response to requests for copies of our earlier Optigan discs, we’re proud to offer our first TRIPLE HEADER disc pak! Three discs, sans their original printed jackets, bundled together in a single printed jacket (echoing the generic design of the original Optigan Triple Header pak), and offered at a discounted bundle price.

In this pak, you get our first three disc releases: RADIOAKTIVOX, MOD ROCK, and MINIMALISM. Please click on those titles to view additional information about each disc.

Please click here to pre-order your copy today!

8 Responses to “Optigan TRIPLE HEADER – Radioaktivox / Mod Rock / Minimalism”

  1. Tony Says:

    Are you going to partially refund the price difference to the people that paid full price for all three albums?

  2. peahix Says:

    sorry, no.

  3. Tony Says:

    how about a discount on the next new album?

  4. Tony Says:

    a loyalty discount of some sort :)

  5. Dieter Vanmarcke Says:

    I have to say, this triple header is great! Especially the Radioactivox. I’m a german band in a box!

  6. Allen Says:

    How much more time do I have to preorder this? Today is 6/9/11.

  7. peahix Says:

    hi allen, this item has been in stock and shipping for a month or so. i still have a few copies left.

  8. Allen Says:

    OK, Thanks.

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