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The Optigang – Pocket Calculator

Posted by peahix on June 13th, 2011

Optigoner Michael Junck (aka The Optigang) sends us his rendition of Kraftwerk’s “Pocket Calculator,” featuring heavy usage of loops from our Optigan Archives sample set!

6 Responses to “The Optigang – Pocket Calculator”

  1. The OptiGanG Says:

    merci! if u wanna get this track as digital hifi stereo download for free, don’t hesitate and go to:

  2. PJ Peeters Says:

    Dear Michael/OptiGanG,

    I think your rendition of ‘Pocket Calculator’ is really very nice.
    But mind that KRAFTWERK actually is everything but keen on renditions or cover versions of their songs.
    I had to experience that myself, when I tried to get my rendition of their song ‘The Model’ (‘Das Modell’) released in the U.K., and to have it promoted on British television. When the management of Kraftwerk found out about that, they officially prohibited any broadcast of our rendition (even though they hadn’t yet heard it themselves, at the time), so we ultimately unfortunately had to cease that project.

    If you’re interested to hear – and see – that rendition of ‘The Model’ I suggest you check ‘The Model’ by Veronika Zemanova on YouTube.

  3. Tony Says:

    it actually sounds better than Kraftwerk.

  4. PJ Peeters Says:

    Dear Tony,
    Thanks a lot.
    I personally however do not like to compare Kraftwerk’s original with Veronika’s cover version of ‘The Model’. I always have liked the original a lot, and I had no interest nor intention to find out if it would be possible to create a rendition that even would be better. I merely considered it funny, and quite original to hire a well-known, professional (glamour) model to cover a well-known song about a model, singing about herself, as if she actually might have been the model Kraftwerk was referring to, at the time (but just theoretically, of course, since Veronika was just a few years old, when the original version was released).
    Anyway, I like Kraftwerk’s original German, and English version of that song a lot, and I also like the cover version by Veronika a lot.
    Unfortunately the management of Kraftwerk didn’t like anyone to cover any Kraftwerk material (except for Coldplay).

  5. The OptiGanG Says:

    hmmm Senor Coconut has released heaps of Kraftwerk-Kovers, not to mention all those guys…

  6. Ron Hyatt Says:

    “it actually sounds better than Kraftwerk.”

    And THIS is why “KRAFTWERK actually is everything but keen on renditions or cover versions of their songs.”

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