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Archive for September, 2011

Three New Vako Orchestron Discs: VIBRAPHONE, FLUTE & CELLO

Posted by peahix on 26th September 2011

We’re happy to announce today that we have three new Orchestron discs available: the all-new VIBRAPHONE, and the remastered FLUTE & CELLO. Click the links to place your orders. Each disc will get limited 25 piece run, so don’t miss out! The FLUTE and CELLO disc complete our run of original Orchestron disc remasters. From [...]

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Black Deck – A homemade Optigan-like instrument

Posted by peahix on 14th September 2011

I was recently sent a link to The Black Deck, a home-brew optical disc instrument that works on the same principle as the Optigan, though the design and implementation are a bit different. It appears to mostly use graphically-generated waveforms, and also it only has 8 tracks per disc, as opposed to the 57 tracks [...]

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Lot of 18 Talentmaker Discs on eBay

Posted by peahix on 5th September 2011

Click here to see a nearly complete set of Talentmaker discs on eBay, complete with the official disc file. These are not my discs, and I do not know the person selling them. The buy-it-now price is fair for these, considering that individual TM titles have sold in the $300-$400 range in the recent past.

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