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Your Input Needed! Talentmaker->Optigan conversion discs?

Posted by peahix on November 1st, 2011

Hi all, we’ve been experimenting with converting Talentmaker discs into Optigan discs, and have had promising initial results. Since the whereabouts or existence of the original Talentmaker master tapes is unknown, we’re working from recordings taken directly from the original TM discs themselves, which inevitably results in some generational loss in sound quality, but our tests so far have convinced us that the results are actually very good and useable. Since TM discs have three more sound tracks than Optigan discs, we’ve had to get a little creative with mapping the chord buttons, but I think we’ve come up with the best compromise.

Our current thought is to issue these discs in sets of four, at a price point of $199 per set. Please post a comment indicating whether or not you’d be interested in buying these disc sets at this price point, and if so, which TM titles you’d most like to have. (Scroll to the bottom of this page for audio samples of all the TM discs.)

Thanks in advance for your input!!

15 Responses to “Your Input Needed! Talentmaker->Optigan conversion discs?”

  1. Swalz Says:

    Hi Pea- I would definitely purchase all the sets you make. Very reasonable price for 4. I’d love to get that guitar 4/4 disc!!!!! The only original one I have is a polka one. Can’t wait to see them released!

  2. Dain Says:

    i normally buy optigan discs for the keyboard sounds and from what i can tell the talentmaker keys are the same as the old optigan organs/vibes/harmonium sounds? the rhythms are less of a selling point for me IMHO

  3. michael Says:

    Oh my how exciting. I personally would buy them all, but these 4 are top of the list for me.

    Hawaii 3/4 or 4/4 (i don’t think anything like this disc was made for the optigan)
    Watlz Guitar(it’s very useful)
    Guitar 4/4 (it’s very useful)
    Cocktail Piano (it’s just lovely)

  4. tokyostory Says:

    I would absolutely purchase these sets. What a fantastic idea. Particularly interesting to me are the two guitar discs and the two hawaii ones. Good luck finishing the project.

  5. Rich Says:

    I would certainly be interested

  6. Brian Coombes Says:

    Thanks for making this happen, Pea. The pricepoint seems fair. I would definitely purchase. Looks like my favorites are similar to everyone else: Guitar 4/4, Waltz Guitar, Hawaii 3/4, Hawaii 4/4. I also like Cocktail Piano and the County Fair discs. Looking forward to it.

  7. Brandon Says:

    Yes I’m interested for sure!

  8. Tony Says:

    Put up a link to pre-order, I’ll take two!

  9. Tony Says:

    two sets of four that is.

  10. Brian Says:

    Great idea! I would buy all at that price point. My favorites:
    1. Bossa Nova
    2. Hawaii 4/4
    3. Rhumba Rhythm
    4. Cocktail Piano
    5. Mambo
    6. Nashville
    7. Dixieland

  11. Tony Says:

    This is a crazy idea but you can take it and figure out the logistics. It seems everyone loves the rhythm section and effects buttons for the optigan and talentmaker. Its great for writers block in composing new songs etc.

    You could have two talent maker discs on one optigan disc.
    Talentmaker disc 1: Have the rhythm buttons and switches for one disc
    Talentmaker disc 2: right keyboard side there are 3 octives for major, minor, dim min on the white keys, and effects on the ebony flat keys.

    This way all of us must have collectors can have all 20 talentmaker discs on just 10 of them, reducing costs for production and purchasers, and insuring sell out in a quick time.

    I’m just dreaming about getting all 20 talentmaker discs on 10 discs for $500. You can split it up into two 5 pack specials for $250.

  12. bellia thierry Says:

    Hi !

    I’m interested … a lot !

    Merci beaucoup


  13. PJ Peeters Says:

    I’m very interested to purchase any set in case the converted Talentmakers discs are playable on Talentmakers as well. Are they?

  14. tony Says:

    they have an original set on ebay.

  15. peahix Says:

    These would be only for playback in Optigans.

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