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Archive for December, 2011

Year-end Cancer Research Donation

Posted by peahix on 22nd December 2011 has just made its annual donation to cancer research, in memory of Mike Le Doux, the guy responsible for making all those Optigan discs in the early 70s. 10% of the proceeds from our Optigan Archives Vol. 1 sample set goes to cancer research, and this year $220.00 goes to the Jimmy Fund. Please [...]

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Talentmaker Disc Copies?

Posted by peahix on 13th December 2011

OK, so from the positive response we got on a previous thread, we’ll be going ahead with plans to make Optigan versions of Talentmaker discs. Now, there’s a related project that we’re also contemplating- making direct copies of actual Talentmaker discs, for use in Talentmakers. Given the scarcity of the instrument, and the costs associated [...]

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