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Archive for February, 2012

Optiganally Yours Fan Video – The Outer Space

Posted by peahix on 27th February 2012

Youtube user HomburghGuy sent us this great fan video he made from stock footage! Also, don’t miss the other “Outer Space” fan video from several years back!

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Last Call for Talentmaker Disc Copies!

Posted by peahix on 20th February 2012

If there are any Talentmaker owners out there who are looking to get high-quality dupes of the entire 20-disc set, email me directly for details ASAP!

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Optigan on Live Dutch TV Show

Posted by peahix on 20th February 2012

Marcel Groot pointed us to this fantastic Optigan segment on Kunststof TV, a Dutch arts talk show. Marcel is seen first in the clip demonstrating the Optigan, and then we see Nico Brandsen live in the studio, totally shredding probably better than anyone has since Johnny Largo himself! Such a segment, especially one of this [...]

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Laurie Anderson plays Optigan at Cantos Music Foundation

Posted by peahix on 3rd February 2012

Here’s not one, but two articles on our good friend Laurie Anderson‘s recent visit to the Cantos Music Foundation in Calgary. Notable are the pics of her playing the Optigan, and her comments about it. In fact, if you look really close, you might see a couple of discs in the lower pic… Laurie [...]

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Bill Perison – Uncle John’s Optigan

Posted by peahix on 2nd February 2012

Got this email from Bill Perison, who says of his new CD: The main song that might be of interest to Optigan fans is Uncle John’s Optigan,  about a kid making up songs on an Optigan while visiting his Uncle John.  All the backing track is Optigan loops.  I guess I should clarify that I used samples [...]

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