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Bill Perison – Uncle John’s Optigan

Posted by peahix on February 2nd, 2012

Got this email from Bill Perison, who says of his new CD:

The main song that might be of interest to Optigan fans is Uncle John’s Optigan,  about a kid making up songs on an Optigan while visiting his Uncle John.  All the backing track is Optigan loops.  I guess I should clarify that I used samples played back from in Reason and the M-Tron Pro plugin rather than an actual Optigan. I think that the M-Tron folks played with a couple of tempos.  I had a line on getting one but ended up travelling out to Ontario to record this project. Anyway, it was very fun to write this - O how I wish my Uncle really DID have an Optigan – I must say though, his old Lowrey boom-chucka, boom-chicka organ was pretty cool.
I also use Optigan as a rhyme in the 4th verse of Got To Rhyme. That verse goes…..
A leprechaun named Little-John
Was floating on the Amazon
Whereupon he met Yvonne,
A very nice mastodon.
He offered her a sweet bonbon
In the shape of an hexagon
And found she lived in Babylon
With a fawn, and a swan and an old optigan.
No actual optigan sounds in this track though.
Edited clips can be heard in a couple of places:  www.billperison.caCDBaby and iTunes.
Or to hear a whole song  (and if one wants a format that is higher res than mp3) I also have it up on Bandcamp.

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