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Optigan Pro: A Long-Lost Optigan Prototype?

Posted by peahix on April 1st, 2012

Elsewhere on the Optigan site, you may have read about the prototype Optigans produced by Miner Industries after they took over production from Mattel. Pea has asked former Opsonar employees if they know what happened to the prototype stock, but all anyone can tell is that they were lost or destroyed in the 70s.
However, we found this picture of what appears to be a tabletop version of an Optigan, much in the same vein as the Choptigan conversions that others have made.

On the back are the words “Optigan Pro.” Was this a precursor to the Orchestron?
Actually… it’s a Choptigan (April Fools!), made from the remains of a 35012 (Mediterranean) that Robert bought for $20. Robert made a new case for it, and put it on a stand made from an Ikea table. It also has a custom made Orange rolling road case emblazoned with Optigan logo.
Here are some more pictures of the Optigan Pro:

2 Responses to “Optigan Pro: A Long-Lost Optigan Prototype?”

  1. michael Says:

    This actually made my eyes bleed.

  2. Swalz Says:


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