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GForce Software Releases OrchesTron Expansion for M-Tron Pro

Posted by peahix on October 30th, 2012 has licensed our Orchestron sounds (both old and new) to GForce Software for the new OrchesTron expansion pack for their M-Tron Pro software. Dave Spiers has produced his usual snazzy promo video for the release, which gives a great overview of the Orchestron along with some quick demos of the software:

This is a chance for non-Orchestron owners to get their hands on some of the new disc sounds we’ve produced for the instrument, though of course in the case of something like the Piano sound, the rhythmic and playability aspect is inevitably different on the M-Tron Pro version. will also be adding these Orchestron sounds to our own sample library very soon!

4 Responses to “GForce Software Releases OrchesTron Expansion for M-Tron Pro”

  1. Samuel Horbund Says:

    When will these new sounds be added to the bundle?

  2. Samuel Horbund Says:

    Also, will it be a free upgrade for people who have purchased the bundle, or a whole seperate disc?

  3. peahix Says:

    I plan to have these available early in the new year. it will likely be a separate product, downloadable for a small price. it will include additional orchestron sounds that are not included in the gforce product.

  4. Samuel Horbund Says:

    Nice, looking forward to it! Thanks for the quick reply and Merry Christmas!!

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