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Archive for December, 2012

2012 Year-End Cancer Research Donation

Posted by peahix on 29th December 2012 has just made its annual donation to cancer research, in memory of Mike Le Doux, the guy responsible for making all those Optigan discs in the early 70s. 10% of the proceeds from our Optigan Archives Vol. 1 sample set goes to cancer research, and this year $235.00 goes to the Jimmy Fund. Please [...]

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Posted by peahix on 13th December 2012

Hi all, I’m finally getting around to sifting through the site with a fine-toothed comb, updating/adding information and squashing bugs and/or dead links. This site was originally put together in the mid 1990s, and there are several aspects from those days that have stubbornly remained. If you notice anything that needs attention, feel free to [...]

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The Joyous Sounds of Christmas – Johnny Largo at the Optigan

Posted by peahix on 13th December 2012

Back in 1999, before mp3 and media sharing became ubiquitous on the internet, we reissued all the original Optigan promotional recordings on CD. Since the bulk of these recordings were from a 1971 Sears holiday cassette, we called it “The Joyous Sounds of Christmas – Johnny Largo at the Optigan.” The CD is still available [...]

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