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A Review of Terry’s Rubber Rollers – Optigan Idler Wheel Repair

Posted by peahix on March 12th, 2013

Dedicated Optigoner Adam Swalberg sends this glowing review of Terry’s Rubber Rollers:

Hi Pea- thanks for the link to Terry’s Rubber Rollers! I sent him a few of mine to retread, and he did a superb job!! I opted to send mine attached to the shaft for him to remove and reassemble. He only charged $15 additional for the removal and reassemble and as you can see he adds a nice collet you can adjust, to be as tight as you want. My previous attempts to remove an idler wheel in the past failed after I had removed mine, and sent it to that original organ shop in FL to retread. That was years ago and $90 if I remember right. When I reassembled it, it was a little sloppy on the shaft, and it quickly ruined the idler wheel. Terry did a lot better job than he did years ago anyway!! Thought you might like to see the picture of one of the wheels I had Terry do! Great guy, excellent work, quick turnaround time and it cost $35 for the retread,+ $15 if sent on the shaft, $5 for shipping. $55 total for a perfect idler, that I cannot believe how much quieter it makes my Optigan. It means my Optigan is almost silent now, incredible! Just wanted to say thanks for Terry’s link, I hope other Optigoners send him their wheels!!!

restored idler

3 Responses to “A Review of Terry’s Rubber Rollers – Optigan Idler Wheel Repair”

  1. Tom K Says:

    I assume that you just send him an email. telling him what you have. My Optigan is electrically OK, but mechanically very noisy.


    thank you for this thread. is there a step by step guide as to how to remove the idler wheel, other than the Optidocs diagrams anywhere? i just keep looking at the back of it and shaking my head

  3. peahix Says:

    shake your head a few more times and then just dig in. there’s nothing “easy” about disassembling an optigan, but generally speaking it’s not hard to figure out.

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