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One of the Long-Lost Optigan TV Commercials Finally Found!

Posted by peahix on May 14th, 2013

Very cool news! I knew that eventually an Optigan TV commercial would turn up! Youtube user chumrain writes this:

Finally…one has been found (I know that several people have been searching high and low and haven’t come up with anything). Here is a long-lost television commercial for the Optigan, starring actor Carl Betz. This is a transfer of a 16mm print made using a video camera and projector, so while the film is in good shape, this video will leave a lot to be desired. I plan to have it professionally transferred at some point. Despite always being on the lookout for any Optigan-related media, I acquired this one accidentally when I purchased a lot of film commercials on eBay that came from the estate of Cherry Hill Productions. This commercial just happened to be one of them.

Mike LeDoux the other Optigan commercial to me several times. This one is definitely the earlier of the two, as the Optigan is clearly in a pre-production state. Apparently it’s notable as being the first ever TV commercial for a musical instrument, though I’m not sure of the accuracy of that claim.


One Response to “One of the Long-Lost Optigan TV Commercials Finally Found!”

  1. Tony Says:

    love watching them play with ease without having to wiggling the buttons to make them work wow….

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