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Optiganally Yours Contributes Kate Bush Cover to Benefit Comp

Posted by peahix on February 2nd, 2014

Optiganally Yours has recorded a cover of Kate Bush’s “There Goes A Tenner” to “Running Up That Hill – A Compilation of Kate Bush Covers for Reproductive Rights.” This compilation of Kate Bush covers is a fundraising tool for reproductive rights organizations, low cost abortion clinics, and other pro-choice advocates. Stylistically, this is a bit of a preview of the forthcoming Optiganally Yours full-length album “OY in Hi-Fi,” in that primarily we’re using material from the Optigan Master Tape Archive to piece together arrangements. We know it’s been a long time coming, but hopefully this will tide you over until the album is released (fingers crossed for 2014!)


5 Responses to “Optiganally Yours Contributes Kate Bush Cover to Benefit Comp”

  1. tony Says:

    is this going to be on your new optiganally yours album? dont want to buy it twice if its going to be on it.

    love the song drums are very Ringo Starr love it!

  2. peahix Says:

    No, this won’t be on the new album. It’s just for this benefit comp.

  3. tony Says:

    i cant just buy just that one song on itunes? it says i have to spend 20 bucks to download the song…

  4. daena Says:

    On the bandcamp page you can download the song individually.

  5. Crumar Says:

    Cool, a new OY album!

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