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Archive for June, 2014

New Orchestron Disc – BASS CLARINET – Feat. Ralph Carney

Posted by peahix on 18th June 2014

We’re happy to announce the latest in our line of all-new discs for the Orchestron! This time it’s BASS CLARINET, featuring the sounds of an acoustic bass clarinet played by none other than Ralph Carney! (Note that the noodling in the demo is not Ralph- he just supplied the basic sound. All blame for noodling [...]

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The Organist Episode 20: Enter the Optigan

Posted by peahix on 10th June 2014

Way back in the 90s, Pea was filmed for inclusion in a documentary about collectors by filmmaker Rodney Ascher. The film never got finished, but the footage has now resurfaced as a stand-alone episode of this podcast.

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Now Taking Pre-Orders – Optigan Discs – Talentmaker Four-Pak #2

Posted by peahix on 4th June 2014

At long last, we’re proud to announce our second set of Talentmaker-to-Optigan conversion discs! Please click here to place your pre-order!

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