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Archive for February, 2015

New Optigan-laden Album by Matthew Leonard

Posted by peahix on 11th February 2015

Matthew Leonard sends this info about his new album Sunnyside, Ohio! NYC rocker Matthew Leonard joins Columbus rock and jazz veterans on Sunnyside, Ohio.   Recorded with vintage instruments on an Ampex 440 reel-to-reel tape machine, this epic album features Columbus rock royalty (David Holm, Bret Burleson, Bill Heingartner) and Brooklyn indie alumni: JC and [...]

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Rami Jaffee Tests Drives His Newly Restored Optigan

Posted by peahix on 10th February 2015

Recently our good friend and associate Robert Becker restored and customized an Optigan 35012 for Rami Jaffee of Foo Fighters and Wallflowers fame. Robert works at Quilter Labs, and he arranged an unveiling and test drive for Rami at their office. Thanks to Rami for letting us film the occasion and post it here for [...]

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Limited Time Offer – Buy Optigan/Orchestron Discs From Our Back Catalog!

Posted by peahix on 10th February 2015

For a very limited one-month time period only, from now until March 9th 2015, we’re offering an opportunity to buy discs from our back-catalog (click this link to go to the web store). Normally we’re not able to keep these titles in stock, because historically the vendor that makes the raw discs has required a [...]

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Posted by peahix on 10th February 2015

As many of you know, the user forums have been extremely flaky in recent years. I had to severely restrict registration because of constant bombardment by spambots, despite having all sorts of verification measures in place. My admin struggled mightily trying to resolve this problem or replace the forum with a better one, but [...]

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