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Posted by peahix on February 10th, 2015

As many of you know, the user forums have been extremely flaky in recent years. I had to severely restrict registration because of constant bombardment by spambots, despite having all sorts of verification measures in place. My admin struggled mightily trying to resolve this problem or replace the forum with a better one, but it just ended up being a total nightmare. Since much Optigan discussion happens on social media and other forums anyway, I’ve decided to simply shut down our forum here. I encourage you to visit The Optigoners on Facebook if you have questions or Optigan-related things to share. I know I’ll probably get “I can fix your forum!” type messages, and I appreciate in advance folks’ willingness to help, but I’ve simply decided it’s best to move the discussion elsewhere at this point. Thanks to all who have participated in the forums over the years!

3 Responses to “ Forums Closing!”

  1. tony Says:

    Whats the status of optiganally yours? Rob said he’s quitting music on his facebook two weeks ago to be responsible dad, etc. Where recordings for the new album ever made?

  2. peahix Says:

    yes, the OY album will be finished. it’s been 95% done for quite some time now.

  3. tony Says:


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