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Optigan/Orchestron Disc Limited Time Offer Now Closed

Posted by peahix on March 10th, 2015

Thanks to all who took advantage of our limited-time offer to order titles from our back-catalog of Optigan/Orchestron discs. We had a good response, and will get started making the discs right away. Since these discs are hand-made, it will take a month or so to get everything ready for shipment. Your patience and continued support is very much appreciated! Look for new Optigan/Orchestron titles in the coming months!!

2 Responses to “Optigan/Orchestron Disc Limited Time Offer Now Closed”

  1. tony Says:

    any new optigan records in the pipeline?

  2. tony Says:

    I had a crazy idea for one that would be a cross over disc tribute featuring the Mellotron.

    on keyboard: one octave mellotron flutes, one octave mellotron strings, one octave mellotron choir.
    rhythm buttons: chamberlin melody #1 for majors, chamberlin melody #2 for minors, chamberlin melody #3 for dim

    or your chamberlin rhythmate for drums 1-5 and all the majors, minor, dim that gives you 24 different drum beat patterns.

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