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New 2017 Optigan Disc – DARKSOPHONE – Feat. Pall Jenkins

Posted by peahix on February 14th, 2017

Photo Feb 10, 2 50 55 PM

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From indie rock veteran Pall Jenkins (The Black Heart Procession, Three Mile Pilot) come the haunting sounds of DARKSOPHONE, featuring musical saw, Marxophone, skeletal guitar and heavy drums. Since the saw and Marxophone both have limited ranges, we’ve split the keyboard, placing the saw on the lower half and the Marxophone on the upper half. For those unfamiliar with the Marxophone, it’s a zither-like instrument that is played with a series of keys, which bounce metal hammers onto the strings for a repeated dulcimer effect. The musical saw is played with a bow, and each note has an organic vibrato and other articulations. The sparse guitar chords lend themselves to combining chord buttons for extended harmonies. The drums feature patterns in both 6/8 and 4/4. Trying slowing the disc all the way down and/or playing it backwards with the reverb cranked up for some spooky late-night shoe-gazing!

8 Responses to “New 2017 Optigan Disc – DARKSOPHONE – Feat. Pall Jenkins”

  1. michael lindner Says:

    sign me up for this disc.

  2. Lorne Hammond Says:

    Waits meets Leonard and something else. Great disk.

  3. Warren French Says:

    Got to get Me a Optigan first. Will there be software downloads as well?

  4. peahix Says:

    Hi, our new discs are currently only available in this format, sorry!

  5. Alex Maas Says:

    Sorry where can i hear this?

  6. Len Says:

    Is there a way to ‘play’ and thus sample…this disk without an optigan? I do not have an optigan but really want this.

  7. peahix Says:

    Hi, you’ll unfortunately need an Optigan to do anything with this disc other than look at it! :)

  8. peahix Says:

    There’s a demo video in the blog post.

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