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Original ca 1972 Optigan Promotional Demo Recordings by Johnny Largo

Posted by peahix on March 23rd, 2017

I finally got around to assembling and uploading some miscellaneous Optigan demo recordings made by Johnny Largo ca 1972. Some of these recordings have previously been heard elsewhere, but many of them are seeing the light of day for the first time here, direct from the original studio master tapes. Unfortunately Johnny didn’t last long enough at the company to make demo recordings of the later disc releases, so what we have here only covers about half of all the original Optigan titles. Eventually I’ll get around to making my own official demo videos of the rest of the discs, but this is a start anyway, and one things for sure- Johnny can definitely play rings around me! (If you need any definitive proof of that, check out his rendition of “Dizzy Fingers” in the LP I’ve posted below!)

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