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New 2018 Optigan Disc – SAMBA! w/ Marimba on Keyboard

Posted by peahix on February 25th, 2018

Please click here to pre-order this title.

From the depths of the Optigan master tape archives comes this previously unreleased SAMBA jam, paired with a Marimba keyboard scale that similarly went unused back in the 70s. Though we have previously released the marimba sound for Orchestron, it’s making its first Optigan appearance on this disc. Oddly enough, the Samba session did not include any percussion specials, so rather than using the more generic latin percussion found elsewhere in the master tape archive, we hunted down some nice public domain samba percussion loops which pair nicely with the vintage tapes. So get onboard those jets to Brazil!!

2 Responses to “New 2018 Optigan Disc – SAMBA! w/ Marimba on Keyboard”

  1. Andrew Says:

    Love the Brazil demo!

  2. tony Says:

    Looks like there’s an Optigan for sale on craigslist in NYC. They almost never pop up near NYC, seems like all the Optigan’s are in SoCal.

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