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Posted by peahix on March 1st, 2018

The first track from the new Optiganally Yours album “O.Y. in Hi-Fi” has been released!

The album itself will be released this year on Joyful Noise Recordings. Here’s the official blurb:

Optiganally Yours started in the mid 90s when one of Rob’s housemates, Pea Hix, got obsessed with the Optigan. This was a chord organ made by Mattel in the early 70s that played back lo-if sound loops on LP-sized discs. Think of it as the 70s version of GarageBand. When Pea had the idea to start a band around these haunting sounds, Rob chimed in and said “I’ll be the singer, and the band will be called Optiganally Yours.” Two albums were released in the late 90s (“Spotlight on Optiganally Yours” and “Optiganally Yours Presents: Exclusively Talentmaker”), with work beginning on a third. This album was to be called “O.Y. In Hi-Fi” because Pea had acquired the original studio master tapes which held all of the sounds recorded for the Optigan discs, and was assembling the basic tracks from thousands of loops and samples from these tapes. These sounds were all hi-fi studio quality, in contrast to the grainy, lo-fi sound of the Optigan discs. For a variety of reasons, the project proceeded in fits and starts, never quite gaining the momentum it needed to get finished, despite the quality of the songs. Some of the songs made it into the live set, but most of the rest have remained unheard for many years. Periodically the songs have been updated and re-recorded, such that very little remains of the original recordings made all those years ago. Now, with the release of Rob’s box set on Joyful Noise, the timing seems perfect to finally bring this collection of songs into the light!

5 Responses to “NEW Optiganally Yours Song – WHOMEVER WATCHES YOU SLEEP”

  1. tony Says:

    good song but don’t hear any optigan anywhere. sounds like pure casio keyboard. maybe some legend of zelda 8 bit.

  2. peahix Says:

    The reason you don’t hear any Optigan is because there is no Optigan on this album. However, all the keyboard sounds and drums on this song originate from the Optigan master tapes. So, no Casio, no Zelda. Just original recordings made for the Optigan in the early 70s, but never actually used on any Optigan discs. In this particular song, the keyboard sounds were sampled from the tapes and used to play our original keyboard parts, but most of the other songs on the album feature the typical full band accompaniments that were recorded for the Optigan- though again, for the most part, we only used material that never made it to any Optigan discs.

  3. sawyer Says:

    thank you pea, thank you rob. been a fan since i was 16 and now i am 28. its great to grow up with you guys, it means a lot given where your music sits inside

  4. tony Says:

    I get it, i was expecting 70s sounding humperdick type music by a band looping. cool song. surprised no one knows about Rob, i never hear any of his music on Alt radio or on SirusXM

  5. peahix Says:

    Rob has 43k twitter followers, so i’d say a few people have heard of him. His more well-known band is Pinback.

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