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Reed & Caroline’s New Album HELLO SCIENCE feat. Custom Orchestron Disc

Posted by peahix on July 8th, 2018


Recently we collaborated on a custom Orchestron disc for the synth pop duo Reed & Caroline. They sent over some of Caroline’s vocal textures and we turned them into an exclusive disc called “Caroline.” Sorry- this is a private title and not available for purchase! You can hear the Caroline disc as well as other standard Orchestron discs on several songs from their new album “Hello Science,” on Vince Clarke’s Very Records label. If you look closely at the album’s cover art, our disc is used as part of the graphic design. We also got a nice shout-out in this review of the album.

Reed reports the Orchestron usage as:

Dark Matter: gliding Caroline “aah” sound in intro and chorus
Another Solar System: Cello, String Ensemble
Computers: Caroline
Internet of Things: Vocal Choir
Continuous Interfold: Caroline
Metatron: Caroline, Vocal Choir

R&C are also currently opening for Erasure on the US leg of their tour, though the Orchestron was deemed too bulky and fragile to take out on the road! Here’s a photo of Reed & Vince inspecting the Caroline disc.



VINCE CLARKE & REED HAYS – An introduction to the Vako Orchestron from VeryRecords on Vimeo.

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